Day 5: Mantra Meditation with Jasmyn at Proyecto Tulum

Day 5: Mantra Meditation with Jasmyn at Proyecto Tulum

270 NW 23rd St Wynwood Art District

Sunday, January 19 2020 from 09:00 pm to 10:00 pm


Mantra meditation lifts your consciousness above the daily patterns of thought. Transcending the typical blueprint of your so-called “reality” into a stable state of observation of what is actually real and what is simply a construct of your imagination.
With decades of healing vocalization practice, Jasmyn’s voice penetrates your deepest thoughts to allow an easier journey towards liberation and your own self-healing.

Where: Proyecto Tulum: 270 NW 23rd street, Miami, 33127 FL

Parking: Street parking may be available.

Bring: A cushion and good vibes.


In 2008, Jasmyn's spiritual journey took her to to India where she lived under direct supervision and tutelage of her Guru, Paramahnsa Niranjananda, in the Bihar School of Yoga Sciences. There she studied spiritual disciplines that she would ultimately bring back to the modern world. After leading meditation and yoga retreats in Italy, Greece, Colombia and the Bahamas, Jasmyn is now a popular teacher of yoga in Miami. Her emphasis on on integrating ancient spiritual and meditative practices into daily life.